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"A whole lotta Jesus" by Jason Weirich (CatholicMom.com) Copyright 2018 Jason Weirich. All rights reserved.[/caption] “All I need today is a little coffee and whole lotta Jesus”---says the slogan on the coffee cup that I am drinking out of today. I would love to say that I have mastered this slogan. I wish someone would pump an IV full of coffee into me. As for Jesus, I badly need Him. I have experienced a lot of change in the last year. I went from being in a management position to being a SAHD (Stay At Home Dad). To say this has been an adjustment is quite the understatement. I have found this new journey to be both lonely and faith-led. This journey can be lonely because I do not know many dads in my current position. These are uncharted waters. I am swimming with the sharks … and diapers, bottles, and laundry bins. I have not found many resources out there for SAHD’s. Therefore, I will be focusing a bulk of my content on the topic of #DadLIFE for my blog and ministry in the future.  This journey is also a faith-led journey. I need to trust Jesus. Trust = a 5-letter word that seems like a bad word when I hear it. “Trust me” is what I am hearing from Jesus. I heard this phrase (among a few others) at the beginning of 2018. (Every year around Thanksgiving, I begin praying about a theme from God for the year. I learned this from several wise sages a few years ago. This practice has literally changed how I prepare for the year.)   Trusting Jesus is difficult. It’s like the dentist whose infiltrating every area of your mouth with a smile and says “you’re in good hands.” Am I in good hands? God, why does this hurt so bad? God is a god of process and this process leads to transformation. Trusting God exposes us to addressing our wounds while still acknowledging our desires. Let me be crystal clear here; I’m not stating that you are experiencing some sort of trauma because God wants to “teach you a lesson.” We need God to help us interpret the events of our life.   Here are some ideas I have for those of you who know some SAHD’s (and SAHM’s):
  1. Still connect with them. Being at home all of the time can be an isolating endeavor. We still need contact with others. Reach out to us and see how we are doing. Please allow adequate response time as we may be calling the Coast Guard due to drowning in laundry.
  2. Know that their job is at home and everyone has different structures, expectations, and methods of “running their home.” Be open to sharing what has worked/not worked in your home see where the SAHD/SAHM is at in their home.
  3. Love us. We can be a mess. Sometimes, I have not shaved in days. I am sure other parents can understand this. We will not always “have it all together”; however, I am not sure we ever have it all figured out. We are continually being transformed into being more like Jesus. We just need to be open to the process and celebrate progress. Progress is progress!

Copyright 2018 Jason Weirich