This past week, we launched everyone. Everyone is either at work or in school and the schedule now becomes something we can no longer fudge upon in the morning or the evening. However, it is when we are so swamped with the everything that stopping to remember the little moments matter most.

My mom came for a visit, and that’s always a great joy. My son Paul came to the door and welcomed her with words. “It’s Grandmother!” We’ve seen a real uptick in his language. Later that week, he scaled the stairs and his oldest brother corrected him. He laughed and kept trying to crawl up the railing. His brother moved in to stop him, still verbally urging him to stop. He stopped climbing but kept laughing. His brother closed the distance to arm’s reach. Paul stopped and said, “Uh-oh!” and ran into his room.

Unloading the groceries, Paul noticed we hadn’t closed the trunk yet. He couldn’t reach the button, and ran to the garage. He used the wiffle bat to push the button before we could get to it.

That evening, the freshman came home. He’d only been gone a week, but his younger brother Paul, when he heard his brother’s voice, came bounding out of his upstairs bedroom, “It’s Peter! You’re here!” His face was joy. Again, the clarity of “Grandmother, uh-oh,” and this greeting, revealed his older almost-ten-year-old voice, like the wiffle ball bat revealed problem-solving skills.

These little moments of small success were pockets of joy in the midst of the errands, the groceries, the dishes and the like. I needed them because my desk at work is piled above my head with books and school supplies. I put on some music, and the stack melted over time. Someone came in while we were doing all the doing that needed doing, and the music made them happy even with the stack.

So go this week and seize the joy, create it where it isn’t, and enjoy it when it’s found. Happy Small Success Thursday!  See you next week.

What small successes are you celebrating this week?

Copyright 2018 Sherry Antonetti