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"Sweet summer" by Cassie Everts (CatholicMom.com) Image credit: By Olivia Bauso (2018), Unsplash.com, CC0/PD[/caption] Oh sweet summer! After what was a never-ending winter in the Midwest, the weeks of reaching 90 degrees are refreshing, and I will not complain about the heat, because I know that school will be starting right around the corner and with that the cooler temps close behind and the looming never-ending Narnia. We say it every year: Where has the summer gone? The summer is going by so fast! For those of us where winter seems perpetual, the summer days seem to almost be numbered on one hand as they slip by all too quickly. I have to be honest: As the end of the school year approached I felt a bit of anxiety thinking of readjusting to having all four kids at home all day. Changing schedules, managing chaos, and running to activities. Would we all survive the summer days? Not just survive, but could we thrive and enjoy these fleeting moments together? I would be remiss if I didn’t admit that there have definitely been moments and days where I feel defeated and outnumbered. On edge and frustrated when behavior is subpar. Left wondering how I will manage five children come October with the arrival of a new baby. The days when everyone is in tears and the arguments never-ending. Thinking to myself, can it please be 5:30? Wishing I could have a glass or two of wine and praying a few Hail Marys for sanity. Just when I think I may be at the end of my rope, God shows me beauty and love. Without being asked or told by me, all four of the children are seen playing together. The older ones taking the littles on the swing set, sitting on the couch reading books to the toddler, helping the preschooler ride her bike, spending time building roads and castles together in the sandbox. I wish I could capture each of these small moments, which really aren’t small at all. They make my heart melt instantly and are far more important than they realize. This time as family. Watching my children bond and make memories. Laughing together and taking care of each other. Living out life as a domestic church. When school resumes come fall, there will be the excitement of newness and being with friends, and some relief in having a schedule again. A bittersweet time, yet my heart will be wishing we could delay the change and have another month together. I know the little ones will be missing the time with their brothers. The school days will be filled and in between practices, games, homework, and dinner, the time spent together always feels rushed and limited. Although I wish our summer had a little bit of a slower pace to it as camps, sports, and activities seem to fill the calendar, I am appreciating this time together, this season in life. The days when no neighbors are ringing the doorbell and we are just spending time in the backyard without interruptions playing yard games, running through sprinklers, and enjoying popsicles on the deck. The hours spent of just me and the kids. I have realized this year that these summer months are given to us to build relationships, create memories, and bond as a family.
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