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"Moms group" by Dorothy Pilarski (CatholicMom.com) Image credit: Pixabay.com (2016), CC0/PD[/caption] Teachers, administrators, and support staff work hard to make our Catholic schools places of Christ-centered learning and community. It is the educators role to support parents as primary educators of their children and build on the foundations of faith exemplified at home. This is no small task! Many parents today are unaware of their critical role in the Christian education of their children or unsure of how best to pass on the most essential elements of our faith. Teachers often feel alone in the monumental responsibility of educating the young. Schools, families, and parishes have a collective responsibility to nurture faith in the next generation. When all three entities are living and working in harmony with one another there is a whole community of people working together for the same goal. We can share in the joy and in the responsibilities, hopefully eliminating some of the burnout that is all too common for educators and parents alike! We can build each other up and work together as a community of believers to put the values of our faith into action at school, home, and all of society. Supporting a mother’s group is a great way for schools to support the spiritual lives of their students. Moms groups provide a place for moms to meet and form connections between families while growing in faith.  Moms support and equip each other to pass on the faith to their own children, inspiring one another to live virtuous family lives. With the support of our schools, moms can more effectively build up community among families, enriching the school community as students and parents become engaged in living out Christ’s mission in the world. Here are 5 ways schools can help a Mother’s Group flourish:
  • Put posters advertising Mother’s Group in key areas of the school.
  • Include notices about Mother’s Group on the school newsletter and especially the school website.
  • Share inspirational stories, blog posts and information about upcoming speakers or events on the schools social media accounts! Twitter anyone?
  • Host a coffee club once moms drop kids off at school so moms get to know about one and other and the Moms Group.
  • Invite moms from the Mother’s Group to give a short presentation or testimony at a PTA meeting.

Copyright 2019 Karen Keays and Dorothy Pilarski
About the authors: Karen Keays returned to the Church in early adulthood after more than a decade of wrestling with God. She is a stay-at-home mother of three.
Dorothy Pilarski is the founder of Dynamic Women of Faith and CatholicMomsGroup.com, author,  motivational speaker, blogger, guest columnist with the Catholic Register and a facilitator on Salt + Light TV.