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Brother Francis presents the days of Advent Our family is a big fan of the Brother Francis series, and so I was thrilled when I saw there was a Brother Francis episode about Advent. I sat down to watch the DVD, Brother Francis Presents: The Days of Advent, with my children, and they were all excited to watch it. For me, the best part about Brother Francis is that it appeals to all ages. Its cartoon imaging is entertaining for my younger child, while Brother Francis’s intelligent and precise teaching about the Church appeals to my older children. The Days of Advent starts by introducing the concept of Advent. It has a great overview of what the season means and goes on to explain the Advent wreath and how it’s used. What I really thought was wonderful about this episode is that it includes a meditation for each day of Advent. It’s like the gift that keeps on giving. Each meditation includes a great insight to the life of Christ and His Church and ends with sections called “Let’s Pray” and “Advent Action.” The daily teaching of the Church, combined with ways to live out the faith, gives us so much to meditate on and practice during Advent. When our DVD arrived my children started begging me to watch the show! I let them watch the introduction and the first meditation so they could get a feel for it, and they’re dying to see the rest of the meditations. I told them we could “wait” to watch them, so we could practice “waiting” for Advent! With Advent just around the corner, I highly suggest getting a copy of Brother Francis Presents The Days of Advent as a meditation guide for your family. It brings our Catholic faith to life, for our children and really, for the whole family!
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