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"Present-moment happiness" by Anne DeSantis (CatholicMom.com) Image credit: Pixabay.com (1979), CC0/PD[/caption] Have you ever stopped yourself and noticed the good all around you? Have you ever noticed the sun shimmering down or glimpsed a light in someone’s eyes? This is the presence of God shining through. Sometimes I wish I could see those moments more in my life. They come, and then they go all too quickly. The good news is, that if we are alive, those moments are always with us. In fact, even right now as I type and as you read, we have a choice to see God in our midst. I pray that the Lord will keep me from wasting time in life. We each have our daily responsibilities and living situations. Life can be happy and then life can be oh-so difficult. But even in those difficult times, we can see the colors and the wonders. Take time now. Turn to Jesus Christ, Mary, the saints, and those living and a part of your life to experience present-moment happiness! Prayer Lord, help me to see the wonder and the beauty of life. Whether it’s the person next to me, the sun shining through the window, or the good cup of coffee I just sipped, help me to see you even in the small things! You are our creator. You are our maker. You are the one who loves us most. Lord, I love you so!
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