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"Where do you stand?" by Elizabeth Estrada (CatholicMom.com) Image credit: Pixabay.com (2011), CC0/PD[/caption] Over the last few months I have been wanting to dive more into Scripture. I have this need in my heart to dive into God’s word in order to get to know Him better and strengthen my relationship with Him. At the same time, I discovered the Abiding Together podcast; I highly recommend it, and they discussed praying about a word of the year. This word may be something God wants you to do, to overcome, and so on in your life during the upcoming year. People who have done this pray about it and discover the word they will choose for that year. Thankfully, Dayspring has a generator for the word of the year, online, so I decided to use it. I was excited about choosing a word but also nervous about not choosing the right word. Of course, there isn’t a wrong or right word, but I thought since I had never done it before, it would be the best way to go. Some people even choose more than one word for the year! Well, I did it and got the word “stand.” I looked at it and thought it was not exciting and surely not what I expected. This word seemed weird to me, and the more I thought about it the more difficult it became for me to wrap my head around my generated word of the year. I wrote it down and tried not to think about it for a couple of days. Then it dawned on me that maybe I should look it up in my Bible concordance and go from there. To my surprise, it appears in the Bible many times. In my typical type “A” personality style, I started by looking the word up in the first entry, which was in Genesis. I read the scripture passage, then read the chapter, and sat with the Lord. Then, the “aha” moment came. I am standing in the Lord’s way. I am not letting him do his work in my life because of many unresolved issues that I haven’t worked through and wounds that have not healed. The word is perfect. It fits. I believe that the Lord has a lot to say to me about how He wants to work and where I need to stand in order for Him to do His work in me and in my life. There is a lot of work I’m sure He needs me to do as well. Perhaps you have never had a word of the year, or maybe you have. I would invite you to pray about it.

Would you share your word of the year?