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"Little girl go" by Stephanie Stovall (CatholicMom.com) Image credit: By Anastasiya Lobanovskaya (2017), Pexels.com, CC0/PD[/caption] Dear Woman of God, You might be wondering who you have been created to be. You might be searching for a direction in life. You have images flashing on your screens that might intrigue you, might attract you and you feel pulled into what is in front of your eyes. Dear Daughter of the King, do not believe the lie. You have been fearfully and wonderfully made. You are sacred. You do not have to be the right weight to be worthy. You do not need flawless skin to be wanted. Do not believe the lie that says your strength is found in what others think of you. Do not believe the lie that says your empowerment is found when men lust for you. Or when you betray your body. Jesus died on that Cross with the deepest of all desires for you. A desire you won’t fully understand in this life. Talitha Koum “Little girl, I say to you, arise!” (Mark 5:41) Arise out of the deception you have been fed in this life. Arise into the woman God created to be. Arise into True Joy and Peace. Little girl, you are so beloved. Your life is so precious. You are a gift to this world, open your eyes and see it. Call on your sisters the saints. Ask them for help and they will show you the way, not the pop star and not the movie star -- they will only lead you astray. Little girl, place your life in His hands. Not half way, not part way. Give Him your whole life. Your sins, your desires, your frustrations and your trials. Trust in Him, little girl and He will make all things new, all things beautiful and He will show you all things True. Look away from the world and toward Our Beautiful Lady. Place yourself in her arms and trust that she will take you where you need to go. That place where forgiveness lives and mercy flows. Let her take you to her Son. Little girl, go to Him. Let Him show you who you are. Let Him love you. Let Him live in you. You are His living tabernacle; you are His home. You are His heart and His heart lives in you. Trust in Him, little girl. Go to the King. He’s been knocking on your door.
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