On a recent episode of the Son Rise Morning Show, we discussed the role of robots at home, at work, and in the Church. A recent article in the New York Times looks at the increase in the use of robots in business and the trend to add human-like features to these tools. We talked about why this is happening, some places where we've encountered robots, and the concern over whether such machines take away human jobs. There are some positive applications for robots that are becoming a part of our daily lives. Do you use any robots in your home?  I have an Alexa digital assistant and a Roomba robot vacuum, and my mom has a robot cat named “Bessie Marie.”
We often like to look at technology stories from a faith perspective. A recent Catholic News Agency article took on the topic of robot priests. While robot priests are not in the works for the Church, we did think of some positive ways that robots could be used by the Church.
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