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Guidelines for a Better Society – and Family – With ‘Catholic Central’

Sometimes we’d like to travel the world to help our fellow humans, but what if your world doesn’t extend beyond the backyard? This Catholic Central episode examines the Seven Pillars of Catholic Social Teaching, and how they should influence our interpersonal relations, whether far or near. As Catholic Social Teaching explains, we can’t all be missionaries or social workers, but the tenets of Catholic social teaching instruct us how to treat others – such as workers, family, friends or even strangers – and the environment, whether far away or in our own backyard.

Diving Deeper

  1. Putting belief into action is a key part of any faith. The Seven Pillars of Catholic Social Teaching give a framework to live the Faith. What are some of your deepest beliefs about God and life? How do you integrate them into your actions?
  2. Why do you think prayer is so crucial to living out Catholic Social Teaching? Have you seen this in your life? Give examples.
  3. Review the Seven Themes of Catholic Social Teaching. What is one that stands out to you as particularly important for today? Why does it stand out to you?


What injustice or social issue can you address in our local community? In whatever way, big or small, look for a way to live out the need for love and respect in your local community this week. Ideas: contacting a local politician, volunteering time at a homeless shelter, or helping tutor at your school.

Reflection by Father Vince Kuna, C.S.C.

Even if your nuclear family might be doing well, pause and think about the wider community around you. Which neighbor or neighbors might be homebound alone right now due to injury, sickness or old age? Perhaps, what you usually take for granted, like the ability to grocery shop and purchase house essentials, are a difficult task for those who live near you. Consider working a small feat of justice by volunteering to shop for a friend or neighbor once a week. Perhaps, reflect on the Parable of the Good Samaritan before and after you set out to fulfill this task. (Luke 10:25-37.)
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