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Catholic Central Catholic Central hosts Kaiser Johnson and Libby Slater. Copyright 2017 Family Theater Productions. Used with permission. All rights reserved.[/caption] Need to Keep Restless Kids Focused and Engaged?  Suddenly a lot of parents find themselves working at home – and homeschooling. Faith education doesn’t have to be left behind. Each quick, witty episode of Catholic Central offers theologically approved information and entertainment on Church history, doctrine and more. CatholicCentral.com also offers links and downloadable resources. Laugh and learn with us!  Catholic Central Image: Catholic Central/Family Theater Productions.[/caption]   ‘Catholic Central’ Explores Why ‘Mary’ Matters   Some people are confused about how Catholics view Christ’s mother, Mary, whom we also call the Mother of God. In this Catholic Central, we introduce you to Mary and learn about her place in the Church.   Mary looks at the Jewish girl who said “Fiat!“ (Latin for “Let It be done“), became Jesus’ mother and His first disciple – and, per Christ’s edict from the Cross, mother to us all. We learn that she’s venerated, not worshiped; asked to pray for us; and makes occasional appearances to the faithful to achieve her one mission ... bringing people closer to her Son.   https://youtu.be/H1G-v8rchOA

Diving Deeper  

  1. Do you have a mentor or someone you go to in times of need? What makes that person so dependable?
  1. Mary was a witness to the life of Jesus. She was there and saw his life unfold. Whose lives have you witnessed? Who witnesses your life?
  1. Catholics often ask Mary to intercede for them with important matters. Have you ever prayed for someone in need of prayer? Catholics call this "intercession." Have you ever asked for Mary’s intercession?


Make a list of different mother figures you know who have had an impact on your life (your mother, grandmothers, aunts, teachers, etc.). What characteristics do these women have in common?  


 The Annunciation of Mary (March 25) often falls as a solemnity in the middle of Lent. Faithful mathematicians jokingly refer to the day as the most logical of all feast days. In other words, without the mystery of Mary saying “Yes” to God through the Archangel Gabriel, none of the mysteries would have followed. As any devotion to Mary points us to God, allow us to remember Him whenever it is we study math or any “secular” subject, for that matter. 
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