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Need to Keep Restless Kids Focused and Engaged?

Suddenly a lot of parents find themselves working at home – and homeschooling. Faith education doesn’t have to be left behind. Each quick, witty episode of Catholic Central offers theologically approved information and entertainment on Church history, doctrine and more. CatholicCentral.com also offers links and downloadable resources. Laugh and learn with us! CC-saints Copyright 2020 Catholic Central/Family Theater Productions. All rights reserved.[/caption]  The ‘Saints’ Come Marching in on ‘Catholic Central’ The saints exist as inspirations for us, as well as heavenly friends and intercessors. Catholic Central introduces you to what saints are and a few of the more well-known ones. They are “our great cloud of witnesses,“ the saints in Heaven, friends of God and friends of us left here on Earth. In Saints, we meet some of the very human people the Church has acknowledged as saintly, because of how they lived their lives, and because of the miracles God does when people pray for their intercession. Everybody needs a friend! https://youtu.be/0ueiC1vXO_8

Diving Deeper

  1. What characteristics do you see in those who live a virtuous life? Do you look up to these people?
  1. Have you ever had a mentor for sports, academics, or hobbies? The saints are like our mentors for the spiritual life. How can we learn from what they have done?


"Holiness" or "sanctity" means "set apart." What does it mean to "be holy" or to "be a saint?" Many people will say "I’m no saint." Why do you think people shy away from this? What do you find challenging about this call to be holy? Choose one way to strive for holiness in a hidden, quiet way this week. Set an alarm or note for a week from now and review how it went.


Consider this two-day spiritual exercise. Each day pick a saint and read a brief bio about him or her. Choose one that you naturally relate to. Maybe they have a similar spiritual charism or worked in the same profession or ministry that you do. Perhaps they come from the same country or part of the world as you. Allow that saint to reinforce your particular spiritual life. On the second day, pick a saint that you wouldn’t typically gravitate to. Maybe their spiritual charism you find mysterious or even twee and sentimental. Read about him or her and ,if encountering them again, give this saint a second chance to challenge you in your faith life.
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