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Kimberly Novak encourages holding onto timeless treasures that will surely surprise you in the years to come.  

In preparation for an upcoming event and the need to put my hands on a priceless memento, I climbed the ladder into our attic to retrieve a couple of Rubbermaid totes. The attic is not my favorite place to be, and as I ascended, the thought came across my mind, why do we store our most precious and timeless keepsakes in a dark, dusty, and spider-ridden space? Funny enough, my dog feels the same way and barks incessantly every time we pull the door open. 

I hastily retrieved the bins I needed to avoid seeing a spider or sneezing from the dust. After which, I rewarded my princess for being concerned that I had disappeared into the ceiling of our hallway. I have always been sentimental, keeping photographs, letters, and childhood souvenirs, but never to the extent that it became overwhelming. At least in my mind, my husband may see it differently. Like families, keepsakes and treasures from childhood come in all sizes. Being raised in a large family, it was no surprise that what should have been an effortless and quick task resulted in hours of fun and excitement. 

Popping open the cover from tote number one, the goal was to find the item, close the lid, and return everything to the attic. Then it happened; I lifted the first item, and the memories within it flooded my heart and mind. Despite being sappy, I was surprised at how much time I spent on that first memory. I consider myself organized; however, the items in the totes ranged from my upbringing, photographs of my parents in their youth, and elements from when my children were little. There was no semblance of organization in either bin, yet that didn't stop me from embarking upon a journey down memory lane. 




Each wonderful treasure told a story that only I knew. Some held laughter, and others sorrow, yet all had one commonality if not for myself, someone I cared for and loved, touched, used, or cherished the memento. I got one-quarter of the way through the first tote when I placed each gem neatly on my table, posing it for a photograph, of which I would text the family member the memory coincided. I was in heaven, recalling the events of every single token. 

Tote number two was equally enjoyable; the items within were just as precious as all the others. It did not take long before I saw the blessings of the time I spent holding each memory, not only in my hands but keeping it tucked in my heart. As you might imagine, this exercise's emotional impact was significant for many reasons. The number of years that have passed and having a birthday card with my grandmother's handwriting on it, not to mention a musical instrument my dad and I made together and the adorable knickknacks my children made, to name a few. 


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Each wonderful treasure told a story that only I knew. #CatholicMom

It's been a while, but when my kiddos were young, I kept a tote for each of them, filling it with priceless gems. Upon turning eighteen, I presented them with the bin to do as they pleased. Knowing that moms would be slightly higher on the sentimental scale, I hung onto certain ones for my safe keeping—a decision I now applaud. 

I eventually came across the intended item needed and then carefully and with love, placed everything else back into the totes; well, almost everything. A few gems made it to a prominent place within our home. "Some things you just cannot keep tucked away," I convincingly told my husband.

What some might view as a chore I relished as a holy pause and an opportunity to embrace loved ones, memories, and silly objects that mean the world to me. Stopping to reflect on every item quickly became a God-filled moment of warmth and love. The lesson here is not to fear holding onto what most will view as silly or flippant, because what seems trivial today will be priceless tomorrow.  



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