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Maria V. Gallagher finds Advent Reflections to be a wonderful resource for a season of preparation.

When it comes to some things in life, I feel as if I am competing for the title of “World’s Greatest Procrastinator.” Decluttering my desk at work … cleaning out the closet which gives me nightmares at home … stopping by the auto repair shop for routine maintenance … these are the things which get shoved into my “See you later!” pile. I get into a delay-delay-delay mode which lengthens out what should be a fairly speedy process.

The same can be said for my spiritual life. For instance, Advent is a season that I know I should be observing. But I delay buckling down and saying my prayers and observing my penances until—oopsie-daisy, Advent is history and Christmas has come knocking on my undecorated door.

But I hope this year will be different, thanks to a new offering from EWTN publishing. Advent Reflections: Meditations for a Holy Advent offers a treasure trove of spiritual advice. Edited by Brandon McGinley, this book is filled with wisdom from bishops and rank-and-file priests alike.


Advent Reflections


The reflections are down-to-earth, yet lift the spirit heaven-ward. I particularly liked one passage entitled, “Prophetic Honesty” by Fr. Ronald Creighton-Jobe.

We are often tempted, especially in today’s world, to be like others. And yet we were summoned, chosen in Baptism, to be in relationship, in a distinctive way, with a loving God. ... Having this great vocation, we should ask ourselves constantly as we examine our consciences, "Am I fulfilling my side of my covenant relationship with God?" Almost always, we have to admit that we are not. ... Advent tells us we must be honest with God, and to do that, we have to learn the virtue of humility. All the virtues are difficult, but with the grace of God, nothing is impossible.


I suppose that also means that it is not impossible for me to observe a timely Advent, without getting sidetracked by the many obstacles in my path. Advent Reflections may provide just the incentive I need to make Advent 2022 my best Advent ever.

Now, if I could only clean out my closet …    


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