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Anne DeSantis shares three ways to continue to celebrate the Resurrection through the Easter season and beyond.

In the season of Easter, we celebrate and appreciate the resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. This celebration of faith is the fullness of the Paschal mystery: the life, death, Resurrection, and Ascension of Jesus. As Catholic mothers who offer our own lives for others, namely our families, friends, and those who are in need, we appreciate all that God has gifted us with. Here are a few ways to appreciate Christ’s Resurrection today and every day. 


Contemplate the Resurrection. 

When Jesus rose from the dead, it was and is a victory for all of humankind and for eternity. The Resurrection is what all of Christianity is based upon We believe that a man, Jesus, died, was buried, and after three days rose. Nothing in all of history will ever compare to this event since we who believe have been freed from sin and death.

When we reject sin each day and follow the right path, we in a sense experience a “resurrection” at each moment. Contemplate this reality and teach it to your children. When we see the evils of the world on the news or all around us, we can rest assured that Jesus has already won the battle again evil. We just need to stay the course with Him and not be afraid to live every day in freedom. 


Keep up your Lenten practices.

Continue those wonderful Lenten spiritual practices through Easter and beyond. The lessons learned during Lent are not meant to be forgotten when Lent is officially over. They are meant to teach us to continue to pray, fast, and give to others in imitation of Christ. This is our life goal, and it is worthy to pass along to all those we know and love. This is why choosing Lenten practices which are not superficial and will not soon be forgotten is of utmost importance. 


Continue to rise to new life. 

Every day and at every instant, we have a choice to choose life or to not follow Christ. Children must be taught this as well as the world offers something very different—and this can be dangerous to our souls. Rising to new life comes in various forms, but a few ways are to practice daily humility, to be a good listener with others, and to love and care for the marginalized. By doing these things, we are following the Lord, and we are on the path to new life. 


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These suggestions are meant to help us to pause, to breathe, and to be grateful for the Resurrection. Don’t allow this Easter season to pass by unnoticed. The Lord wishes and wants us to rejoice with Him not just during the Easter season, but for all of eternity. 



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