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Rachel Watkins has learned from trials she's experienced to build up a spiritual emergency kit. Are you prepared?

Do you have an emergency kit? You might first think about a first aid kit, a car emergency kit, or even an evacuation kit. We saw them in use a great deal through the summer with fires and hurricanes. And while these types of kits are vital, I am thinking of your spiritual emergency kit. Are you prepared for a spiritual emergency? That moment when you unexpectedly have a crisis of faith and you are left wondering if God is watching over you as He promised.

Spiritual emergencies can arrive without warning, but are often the direct result of one of the previously mentioned situations. You may find yourself doubting God’s loving protection because something happens that directly affects those you love, those who live within the walls of your home. However, these feelings of spiritual uncertainty might arise as the result of a headline or online post. Regardless of its cause, we all endure times of worry and doubt. Something is going to happen to make you shake your head (and perhaps fist) towards the heavens and say, “Really?!” How could God possibly allow this to happen?

For example, right now I am gingerly typing this with a broken right humerus. A simple fall in my own front yard resulted in microfractures to the tippy-top of that bone. I am quite hopeful that by the time you read this, my arm should be healed as it is not serious. But I did fall and it hurt -- a lot! As I lay there in the leaves, picking sticks out of my hair, I actually said right out loud, “Really?”

That said, at the same time, I was, mostly, prepared. Being alive, being married, and having children, these “Really?” moments happen naturally and with regular frequency. It can be the tumble of a child, a broken appliance, sudden unemployment, or worse. Despite all the problems and struggles these situations, and every one like them, create they can also help us to add to our spiritual emergency kit, if we let them.

I have worked on my spiritual emergency kit as a direct result of all my previous trials. In moments of crisis we should be able to recall the lessons of our faith and what we have learned from past experiences to help us in our current need.

  • What did Jesus do?
  • Is there something from the Bible to offer direction?
  • Are there saints to help me?
  • Where do I see God in this current situation?

As I waited for my husband’s help, I began my sacrifice of praise to God (Hebrews 13:15), thankful it was my right arm (I am left-handed), grateful for the soft earth, and a strong husband. I quickly asked for the intercession of each of my favorite saints, although in the moment I couldn’t remember any of their names. I called down legions of angels to surround me and asked Mary and Joseph to wrap me in their arms. I murmured some prayers and repeatedly called out, “Jesus, I trust you, take care of everything.” And, He did and always does. As we headed off to the ER, one of my children assured me they would text friends asking for prayers, and I left knowing I was in good hands: God’s hands.

Of course, my fall is not the worst thing I have faced or will face. My fall is minor compared to the devastating reality of the many struggles of this present time. But, if we aren’t spiritually ready for the little bumps that come our way, we will never survive the big ones.

As a good parent, you ensure your family first aid kit has all it needs for an unexpected injury. Maybe it’s time to consider who or what you need in your spiritual emergency kit to get you through the next difficulty headed your way ... as there will be a next one.

Will you find a new saint specifically hired to cover your family emergencies? There are so many mothers and fathers who are saints; surely they understand what we go through. For a scriptural perspective, have you ever read the Book of Job? And, surely, you have enough prayers memorized to murmur when you feel like screaming -- but also consider placing a holy card in your wallet next to your insurance card.

Consider what you need in your spiritual emergency kit to get you through the next difficulty headed your way. #catholicmom

During my time in the ER, I even discovered another benefit to wearing a crucifix. Gently rubbing it was a powerful distraction during a painful x-ray. I didn’t even realize I was mumbling, “If you can handle the cross, I can handle this” until the tech pointed it out to me. She agreed wholeheartedly with my sentiment and her smile of encouragement helped me hang on.

Life is not easy but God has given us all we need to get through it. We just have to be prepared.



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