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Barb Szyszkiewicz reviews a sweet picture book by Erin Broestl, with illustrations by Jean Schoonover Egolf.

God Made the Moonlight immediately took me back to the wonder I experienced as a child. The young narrator of this picture book by Erin Broestl is fascinated by the different ways the moon appears at various times, and lets it spark her imagination.


Children will see themselves in the way the young girl in the story peeks at the moon through the car window and looks for it during her bedtime routine.

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Jean Schoonover-Egolf's softly-colored illustrations evoke idyllic childhood days in both city and rural settings. The simple text of the story emphasizes God's power and creativity, always in a context of love.

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God Made the Moon will become a beloved read-aloud, and is simple enough for beginning readers to enjoy on their own.

Who says that fascination with the moon is only for children, anyway?

Took me back to the wonder I experienced as a child. #catholicmom

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