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Beth Duffy introduces Christmas Tree of Kindness, a family-friendly app that encourages kind acts during the Advent season.

The Christmas Tree of Kindness App is a Merry Advent activity for families, classrooms, individuals and groups. Each ornament on a virtual or printed tree is added by completing a kind act. The creator of a tree may decorate independently or invite others with a prepared message and passcode. 

Christmas Tree of Kindness - Three Easy Steps to a Kinder World:

  1. The App: Decorate personal trees with kind acts or invite and connect with friends, classmates, and distant loved ones. Everyone receives a star for the tree top and Christmas music when completed to celebrate that our world is a kinder place.
  2. The Story: Read about the first Christmas Tree of Kindness in “The Christmas Tree That Changed the World.” Meet a young evergreen tree named Spruce and puppy friend Holly.
  3. The Craft: Print a tree and ornaments. Cut out ornaments and add to the tree as kind acts are completed.




The $.99 version of the app is called “Christmas Tree of Kindness” and includes all three features. A FREE version of the app is also available for individual use on a single device and is called “Christmas Kindness.” Both versions may be used on iPhones, iPads and SmartBoards and are available to download from ChristmasTreeOfKindness.com or the Apple App store.  

All are encouraged to join the Merry #Christmastreeofkindness Challenge!!! To participate: Download the app from ChristmasTreeOfKindness.com, decorate a tree with 10 acts of kindness and share a photo of your completed tree or kind act and tag us on social media. Help kindness “Snowball” by December 25!


The App has been selected as a top Advent app by CatholicApptitude.com and CatholicApps.com, and featured in Rome Reports.

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