tech talk redesign Introducing Christmas Tree of Kindness: an App to encourage all to  decorate a virtual Christmas tree with acts of kindness. Embodied in this App you will find kindness, can do spirit and perseverance. Parents, children, teachers, students and grandparents and friends separated by distances may especially enjoy using this App to work cooperatively and make our world a kinder place. As explained by its creators, “When our children were little we began this special game each Christmas Season with a construction paper tree and balls. Each year someone would encourage us to share this idea with others. This is the year!” Courtesy of Christmas Tree of Kindness. All rights reserved.[/caption] Begin by naming your tree, selecting the number of ornaments that will be placed on your tree and picking a background. All ornaments are earned by completing acts of kindness. Enter your own good deeds or choose from a list of suggestions. Choose from over 30 beautiful ornaments to decorate your tree(s). When a tree is completed, all will receive a star for the top of the tree and hear Christmas music to celebrate that our world is a kinder place. Valentine’s Day, St Patrick’s Day and Easter ornaments are also included for more kindness tree fun. Courtesy of Christmas Tree of Kindness. All rights reserved.[/caption] The Christmas Tree of Kindness App may be downloaded for $.99 USD from, The Apple App Store or Google Play. To decorate a tree with family and friends across multiple devices download the Christmas Tree of Kindness Pro version for $1.99 USD. Christmas Tree of Kindness Inc was incorporated in 2016. Company goal is to make our world a kinder place one ornament at a time. Christmas Tree of  “Kindness Team” logo will soon be available from to download, print and enjoy. A portion of the company’s profits will be donated to children’s charities.

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