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The Christmas Tree of Kindness app helps promote kindness and giving during the holiday season.

The Christmas Tree of Kindness Team recently announced an update to its popular app for the upcoming Christmas season, adding a special Christmas story, craft activity, and other features. Perfect for classrooms, students, individuals and groups, each ornament is earned by completing a kind act. The creator of a tree may decorate independently or invite others with a prepared message and passcode. Download the app from the App Store or ChristmasTreeOfKindness.com.

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Christmas Tree of Kindness - Three Easy Steps to a Kinder World:

1. The App: Decorate personal trees with kind acts or invite and connect with friends, classmates, and distant loved ones. Everyone receives a tree-topper star and Christmas music upon completion to celebrate that our world is a kinder place.

2. The Story: Read about the first Christmas Tree of Kindness in “The Christmas Tree That Changed the World.” Meet heroes, Spruce and Holly.

3. The Craft: Print trees and ornaments to decorate a paper-version of the Christmas Tree of Kindness and enjoy decorating with kindness and favorite Christmas craft materials.


The Christmas Tree of Kindness app helps promote kindness and giving during the holiday season. #catholicmom

As explained by Company President Beth Dessen Duffy, “When our children were little, we began this special game each Christmas Season with a construction paper tree and balls. Every year, someone would encourage us to share this idea with others. After sixteen years, we decided that was the year, and this App is the result.”

She added, “It has truly been a team effort and we all hope this Christmas activity will be shared and enjoyed, that many kindness trees will be completed and that we really will create THE CHRISTMAS TREE THAT CHANGED THE WORLD.”

View a message from Beth here:

Christmas Tree of Kindness was incorporated in 2016. The Free version of the App is available for individual use on a single device. The Pro version is $1.99USD and includes all features. The App can be used on most smart devices, including iPhones, iPads, and Smartboards.

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