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Couple to Couple League's new platform aims to educate a wider audience, reaching women and families.

Couple to Couple League is launching the Fertility Science Institute (FSI), a one-of-a-kind online platform that provides scientifically-based resources to the millions of Fertility Awareness-Based Method (FABM) users seeking ongoing support and education through a lifetime of fertility. Debuting in conjunction with the celebration of the 50th anniversary of Couple to Couple League (CCL), this innovative institute offers resources that stretch far beyond the usual Natural Family Planning (NFP) courses for engaged couples to include courses and resources for mothers and daughters, young adults, couples new to FABMs, postpartum moms, perimenopausal women, and women struggling with irregular fertility.

Traditionally focused on teaching NFP to faith-based couples, CCL seeks to reach beyond the faithful with the new Fertility Science Institute and invites a wider audience into FABM education. Ongoing research has shown that Millennial and GenZ women are hesitant to embrace hormonal contraception and desire more natural methods to understand and navigate their fertility, meaning they have more openness to FABMs than previous generations. CCL plans to utilize FSI to reach these women, regardless of their faith background, and invite them into God’s plan for their bodies and fertility. 

“After 50 years of Big Pharma promoting a very damaging narrative, the Fertility Science Institute allows us to both use our 50 years of scientifically-based fertility awareness training and resources to bring to life a new narrative which supports the innate dignity of women and men,” shares CCL Executive Director, Katie Zulanas. “CCL has a history of updating their training methods and FSI, as an online institute, is our latest update to take advantage of online resources as we step up to meet the tremendous need for trusted help.”


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The current culture has taught women to believe that fertility is a disease, something that ultimately gets in the way of their happiness and ability to live as they desire. CCL seeks to confront that lie directly and give families the tools they need to educate themselves and teach young people about the gift of fertility and God’s plan for marriage and family life. By offering these resources online, the Fertility Science Institute makes it possible for many more women and couples to access the information and support they need regardless of the presence of CCL couples in their area. They can learn at their own pace and have accurate, helpful FABM information at their fingertips, including easy access to knowledgeable coaches and supportive medical partners. 

“The FSI has formalized the support CCL has provided to its members throughout each stage of life to allow them to confidently live out their vocation of marriage. We hope our work, along with our partners, will allow us to assert our authority and become the trusted source to learn about fertility, ultimately helping others understand how we are beautifully and wonderfully made in the image and likeness of God,” expresses Zulanas.

Learn more about the Fertility Science Institute.

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About the Couple to Couple League: The Couple to Couple League is an international non-profit organization established in 1971 that is dedicated to inspiring, educating, and supporting couples in family planning that is natural, effective, healthy, and consistent with God’s plan for life, love, and marriage.