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The end of Advent is almost here. Pam Spano shares a few simple ways to get the essentials done.

Are your stockings hung up on the chimney with care? Are your presents all wrapped and under the tree? Is your tree even up?

Those are some of the presumed basics of the Advent season, but did you manage to get some essentials in?

Did you make time for prayer? Did you go to Mass on Sundays during Advent? Did you do any Advent reading? 

Advent can be overwhelming. We sometimes flip the basics and make them the essentials. It’s easy to do. Every year I promise myself to do more praying and reading, but I don’t always measure up to those expectations. Music ministry has me at Mass every Sunday, so I find a grace in that.




At this late date, can you still get the essentials in? YES! Prayer can take as little as five minutes. Tell God how grateful you are by listing even a few of the people that have brought you gratitude in the last four weeks.

Read chapters 1-24 of Luke. It tells the whole story of Jesus and that’s a great preparation for Christmas day. Can’t do it one sitting? Do as much as you can over the next few days. Make a note for next year: Start reading Chapter 1 of Luke on the first of December and read a chapter a day through the twenty-fourth.

Haven’t been to Mass? Check the schedule of churches near you. Many offer extra Masses at this time of year. Pick a day and time that’s convenient for you. Go be with God and let Him be with you.


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Make the last couple of days of Advent count … and MERRY CHRISTMAS!



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