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A note on her desk reminded Kimberly Novak to consider how quickly and eagerly she responds to calls of faith.

I started a new job recently and in order to organize myself, I leave sticky notes in various places, so that at a glance I can see what is coming next. I got a good chuckle when I looked at my desk one morning and saw a note that read, “Faith is calling today.” I was actually going to have a conversation with a person named Faith, but I grinned at the thought of how, in that moment, I would answer if my Faith were actually calling out to me.

What would my faith look like, sound like, or feel like? These were just a few of the fleeting thoughts going through my mind as I continued to sit and stare at that post-it note. Such a simple little thing turned on so many questions and wonderment, that it spurred me to get to the heart of it all. After much prayer, reflection, and journaling, it is apparent to me, that when faith calls, I do not hesitate to answer. Don’t get me wrong: there have been instances where I was slow to respond, but I always attempted, even if it was a “you want me to do what?” type of response.

Let’s forget for a moment that we live in the age of cell phones. Remember when our phones were attached to walls and we would run through the house to answer before the person on the other end hung up? How exciting it was to hear who it might be! I know there were instances of thinking things like “Oh boy, I hope it’s not her again,” or “I wonder if it’s him!”

Try to remember those feelings for a moment and imagine answering the call of your faith with those same emotions. What does that look like for you? Are you staying on the call and listening to what is being asked of you; or have you hung up before giving the request a chance?

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God calls us in many ways and plants the seeds along the way; we just need to be open and willing to listen. #catholicmom

Faith is individual and takes root in our hearts, thoughts, and life circumstances. We strengthen and nurture our faith through prayer and a relationship with God. It has taken time and emotions of all kinds to be in the place I am today with respect to my faith. I would not trade in any of those moments for anything else in the world. I was blessed recently to put a call of faith into action and it was a gift unlike anything I have ever received. I remember thinking to myself, “I wish everyone could feel what this feels like.”


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God calls us in many ways and plants the seeds along the way; we just need to be open and willing to listen. I love the post-it note visual and I keep it at my desk as a reminder of what it means to me when I do answer that call. As well as how important it is to continue with prayer and reflection in discernment of my response when that call comes in.  

I hope that if you can imagine your faith is calling, you are able to get a chuckle as you see yourself racing through the house to answer the call!

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