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Ellen Mongan contemplates the meaning of a familiar verse from Proverbs 31.

Have you ever been ushered into the “Holy of Holies” by Jesus? Holy Thursday Mass was a touch of Heaven for me this year. The Mass was arrayed with all God’s Glory through the readings, the homily, the liturgy, and especially the music.

When it came time to wash the feet, Father Jake invited volunteers to have their feet washed, instead of pre-selected parishioners. I sat behind Linda, a mom of many, and some of her family members. This set the stage for my entering into God’s presence. Walking with dignity from their pews came first one son and then another to take their seat among the twelve. Linda gracefully joined them, sitting next to her eldest son. As Father washed the feet of the twelve, I could not help but focus on Linda and her two sons, Dr. Thomas and Dr. Patrick, men who walked in their father’s, Dr. Mike, footsteps. Both Patrick and Thomas chose godly wives, as did their father, and answered the call to be open to life. They are raising large families to serve the Lord with gladness, just like their parents.

In almost a whisper, I heard God’s still small voice say these words, from Proverbs 31, “Her children call her blessed.” I smiled, knowing that God was getting ready to speak a word of truth to my heart. In their marriage, Mike and Linda chose life, embraced the call, and set a good example. They are reaping the fruit of their labor. Linda is now a widow, but her memories of her beloved Mike and their children live on in their hearts forever.

After Mass, God repeated the words, “Her children call her blessed.” In silence, God said, “To a mother, there is nothing more blessed than seeing your children follow Jesus. Your children call you blessed by embracing the faith you taught them.” All I could think about is how Linda’s children call her blessed, by living their faith. This spoke volumes to me.

I was reminded of a conversation I had with another mom of many, my prayer partner Judy. I casually asked, “So how many of your children are practicing their faith?” Her response was immediate, “All of them.” Wow, what a blessing! Her children call her blessed. Sadly I could not reply the same. Deacon Pat and I pray daily for the conversion of family members who are not practicing Catholics.


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There is no greater joy or gift than seeing your children and grandchildren embrace the faith you taught. #catholicmom


Mother’s Day is fast approaching! Moms, what do your children do to honor you? Some maybe host a dinner, others send a card or flowers, and some even purchase a gift. However, the greatest gift they can give to you is to embrace the faith you passed down to them and teach their children to do the same. Flowers fade, gifts are forgotten, and a good card is rarely kept or remembered, but a child who fears the Lord and walks in His ways is a treasured gift indeed. This gift will never be forgotten.

Do not tire of training your children up in the way of the Lord, embracing life, or raising a large family. One day they too will walk in your shoes and do the same for their children.

Mom, there is no greater joy or gift than seeing your children and grandchildren embrace the faith you taught. It is priceless. So keep on doing what is right, and in due time you will reap a harvest. Linda’s and Judy's testimonies will give you hope. Train the young in the way they should go; even when old, they will not swerve from it. (Prov. 22:6) One day, you will see your children take their places among the twelve with dignity and give honor to your name. May your children call you blessed! Happy Mother’s Day to all! 


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