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Chantal Howard shares a reminder that although we experience trouble in this world, Christ has won the ultimate victory.

The promise of Christ is that we will have trouble in this world, but take heart, mamas, He has overcome the world! Our hope must not rest on conditional outcomes in government, health, wealth, or even in the expectation that our lives will persist or be carefree. 

Homesteading, essential oils, the whole-food movement, reading the classics, praying our Rosaries, establishing the most holy and robust family culture, beekeeping and canning our food, being fit and eating fresh and local, homeschooling and building a robust network of like-minded friends and colleagues: all these things, be they true, good, and beautiful, are not where our hope lies. Self-reliance cannot eclipse God-reliance! 

We will all certainly die of something. It is our proper end and may even come to some of us today. Sickness and death are real and tragedy and grief, too. But He calls us to have faith stronger than death.

Where, O death, is your sting? (1 Corinthians 15:55b)


In Christ we have the victory, even should we and our loved ones be asked to be on the front lines of these strange and distressing times! 

We hope in Him who suffered. We offer our hearts for His throne and we bear up our courage and prepare for the crosses He asks us to endure. 

Truly, it is our expectations and ideals that are the idols He is stripping us of now. We can all feel it. Let us surrender and walk in faithful trust! 


Self-reliance cannot eclipse God-reliance!  #catholicmom

Oh how hard! I know! Dig deep with me and let us encourage each other! We have to be ready and surrender our petty, rose-colored “faith” and begin to fill up the well of our hearts with His presence so we can have faith like the saints!

In sickness and death, in shut-downs, persecution, starvation, and corruption, and through political upheaval we have to trust on. Even amidst the more mundane daily hurdles of trying to balance the family budget, dealing with bickering kids, and navigating the loss of normalcy in school, work, and social life, we cannot recoil in fear.

He will be with us through it all. We can be fearless in this world!

Hope with me! Hold onto hope ... hold onto Him!

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Copyright 2020 Chantal Howard
Image: Ben White (2018), Unsplash