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Anne DeSantis discusses three strategies for getting through tough times with a hopeful spirit.

As Catholic moms, we encounter challenging circumstances daily, and often at various times throughout the day. Whether dealing with husbands, children, parents, or others, God calls us to seek Him during difficult situations. Through our faith, and through prayer, we can not only get through the tough times, but we can also instill hope. The hope we bring forth can affect our own lives and the lives of all those we encounter. Below are three ways we can instill hope even during the most challenging times. 



Prayer is our communication with the Lord. It is the life and breath of our faith life. During a tragedy or trial, when we take the time to slow down and call on the Lord, we can not only survive the challenges but thrive. It is not always easy to do, but with perseverance and patience, God will guide us.

Devote yourself daily to prayer time and time to reflect. Read Holy Scripture and remember to meditate on the words asking for His Spirit to guide you. In your prayer, don’t forget to take your time. Trust the Lord to guide you so that you may be refreshed by his spirit in your time of prayer. Ask God for a spirit of hope for yourself and for others for your situation. 


Seek proper help 

When a serious family issue or other trial has happened, seek the proper help for your situation. If medical attention is needed, reach out to find the help needed. If you or someone you love needs a therapist to deal with a trauma, research the best resources for the issue at hand. Ask loved ones and trusted sources for referrals or advice.

As people of faith, we turn to prayer first, but the next step is to find the right method of healing. This quest to find proper answers to the problem at hand will be a way to bring hope into your situation. 


Accept the present moment as it is 

When difficulties arise, it is hard to be in the present moment—especially if it is painful. Seeking a way out of a crisis is normal. Answers often do not come quickly. It takes a bit of time to find the right help and proper method of healing. With that said, accepting the present moment and situation is appropriate since nothing that is good is a quick fix. As you pray and seek the right resources, in God’s time answers will come. Acceptance of “what is” helps us to take the necessary steps to find the greatest amount of hope and healing. Doing so helps you and others on the road to recovery. This process of acceptance is all part of the process in dealing with a traumatic situation. 




As you pray, seek help, and accept the present moment for the time being, the Lord will guide you to a better place. Your trust in Him will not only give you hope, but your hope will spread to other people. He is with you, both in the good times and in all of the difficult times. Never forget that He seeks for you to live in His hope and to know His love in the greatest of ways. 


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