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Shannon Whitmore and her family enthusiastically recommend the Lion and Lamb book club subscription box program for kids.

My kids and I take a trip to our local library once a week, and as enjoyable as it is to sit down and read a book together, the process of scanning books for problematic pictures and plot points has become increasingly more complicated. We have stumbled across several books featuring transitioning children, same-sex relationships, and historical inaccuracies while perusing the children’s section, and now I insist on checking every book that my kids want to borrow from the library.

There’s still plenty of wholesome literature to be found at the local library, but now I’m always worried that my kids will be accidentally exposed to something I don’t want them reading. The Lion and Lamb Book Club has been a wonderful way to put my mind at ease when it comes to my kids’ reading.




We received the Lambs subscription, which has been perfect for my 4- and 6-year-old children. It was so perfect that we actually decided to subscribe to the club as a family! The trial box featured an impressive collection of books, stickers, and parent aids, and I knew a subscription would be an easy way to make sure that my kids have regular access to great kids' literature. I have loved their selection of books so far, and my kids have loved not just the books, but the stickers as well! 

Our trial box included four books: two specifically Catholic books and two books with wholesome plots. I was especially impressed to see that one of the latter books offered some cultural diversity to my kids’ reading. In addition, one of the books was perfect for my 6-year-old budding reader, who enjoys reading short chapter books as well as the more traditional children’s literature. The types of stories were varied and kept my kids engaged, and of course, they both absolutely loved the stickers that were included in the box. If you’re looking to bulk up your home library or need a Christmas gift idea for the avid reader in your family, the Lion and Lamb Book Club is the perfect subscription box for you!


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