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Karen Ullo created a variation on Caprese salad that even her kids will eat! Download our printable recipe card.

My husband and I love salad and eat it as an entrée at least once a week. The children usually refuse to partake because they don’t like leafy greens. But they will eat other vegetables, so … I left out the greens and created a salad that both of my children willingly eat, even as an entrée. It’s a version of a Caprese salad with a few additions. 

When it’s not a meatless Friday, this is excellent with crispy prosciutto. 

Tomato Salad


1 cup pearl couscous 
Water according to package directions 
½ tsp. salt 
½ tsp. Italian seasoning 
¼ tsp. garlic powder 

Add the seasonings during cooking and prepare according to package directions, then cool. You will use about half of the final couscous in the salad. 



about 2.5 lbs. tomatoes, any variety, chopped 
1 yellow bell pepper, chopped 
¼ cup chopped green olives 
¼ cup chopped black olives 
5-6 leaves fresh basil, chopped 
¼ cup chopped parsley 
8 oz. mozzarella pearls 

Combine all of the above with half of the couscous in a large bowl. 



4 oz. extra virgin olive oil 
3 oz. balsamic vinegar 
¼ tsp. salt 

Whisk together and toss with the salad. 


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A Caprese-salad spinoff that even the kids enjoy! Try it for #MeatlessFriday #CatholicMom

Download printable recipe

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