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Maria V. Gallagher has discovered the beauty of moms helping moms to make the world a kinder place.

The young mother was desperate. She urgently needed housing for herself, her preschooler, and the twins she carried in her womb. She had been in contact with the Sisters of Life, who reached out to a friend of mine with a plea for immediate help. 

My friend—who had once been a struggling teen mom—responded with a generosity of heart that is truly inspiring. 

She sprang into action, placing the at-risk mother on a number of prayer lists. She and her husband also launched a fundraiser for the mom. 

Within a few days, she had surpassed her fundraising goal. She was able to help the mother—who had been dependent on ride-sharing to get around—purchase a used car. The father of the twins miraculously came back into the picture, lending support to the mom. The pregnant woman has new hope, along with the prospect of decent housing. 




Granted, the mom faces challenges ahead. But whereas before she was alone in her distress, she now has my friend—and a whole bunch of anonymous patrons—by her side. 

I believe that this is a microcosm of the civilization of love envisioned by Pope St. John Paul II. It represents an abundance of mercy, with moms helping moms to make the world a kinder place. It is based on the Gospel imperative to love our neighbors as we love ourselves.  

As mothers, we have been called to minister to others with the heart of Mary. We need to respond graciously and enthusiastically, even when the call to love costs us in terms of time, labor, and treasure. In helping a mother facing difficult times, we are also assisting her children. The circle of caring broadens to include not only members of our own family but, at times, strangers as well. 

My friend helped to lay the groundwork for a miracle. Once the pregnant woman’s basic needs for shelter and transportation were met, she was free to be the kind of mother she wanted to be for her preschooler and her preborn twins. 




It is not easy to love without counting the cost. But the rewards, in terms of the graces we can receive, are bountiful. It is a truly beautiful thing to reach out in tenderness to a woman who is struggling, to extend to her a hand of hope.  

I truly believe that a civilization of love is within our grasp. Mothers may, in fact, be the leaders of the revolution of tenderness popularized by our Holy Father, Pope Francis. We are often more attuned to the physical and psychological needs of people and therefore are in a better position to administer aid to them.  

Perhaps you yourself were once in a position when you had fallen on hard times, when your next meal was not a certainty. Don’t let that memory go to waste. Use it as the fuel to drive your charity efforts. Love freely and boldly and without looking for anything in return. 

In our deeply fractured society, it can often be difficult to recognize the commonalities we share. But we mothers have a bond which cannot be broken. We know what it’s like to cuddle a baby through a bad case of colic … to soothe a toddler’s fears … to comfort a bullied teenager.  




With each hardship we gain a wisdom which is priceless. We are called to share that wisdom with the moms who come after us. After all, they are our sisters in Christ and royal kinfolk as daughters of the King.        


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