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Charlene Rack reviews a new prayer journal, created by Catholic Mom contributor Gilda Rose.

If you have been wanting to develop a daily habit of praying and journaling, Mornings with God: A Beginner's Prayer Journal is the perfect book for you. The layout is simple and easy to follow. There are four daily prompts to get you thinking, asking God for help and inspiration, thanking, listening, and praying. The author, Gilda Rose, has chosen these prompts well, and they are essential steps for meaningful journaling.




I particularly appreciate that the prompts are the same every day. That makes it much easier for beginners to get into a daily rhythm of journaling. Each page of the journal allows you to make note of the date, and of any thoughts or revelations that might come to you, falling under the abovementioned categories.   

The author has also shared several beautiful options for morning prayers as a warm-up prelude to your journaling activities. You can adapt those prayers to the time of day you choose for journaling. I would also suggest that you have your Catholic Mom Daily Gospel reflection at the ready, because God will also speak to you through the daily readings (as well as other Scripture passages). If you haven’t already signed up to receive our Gospel reflections in your inbox daily, please do so before you try your hand at daily journaling! Reading the Bible is one of the most reliable ways to “hear” God speaking.   


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If you are able, plan out your journaling space ahead of time, preferably someplace quiet and comfortable. Timing can be whatever works for you. That’s another nice feature of this journal: each day’s entries are short and easy. Squeeze in what you can, knowing that God will bless and magnify the time you spend with Him. If you have little ones, you may find it easier to journal late in the evening, when kids are sleeping. Or maybe once you’ve dropped the kids off at school. There are no rules here, just comforting encouragement!   

Once you get in a groove of daily prayer and journaling, you will find yourself wondering how you got by without it. Sometimes I can actually feel the grace enveloping me as I sit quietly with God in prayer. It’s a beautiful gift. Pick up a copy of this surprisingly affordable and perfectly organized journal from Gilda Rose, and start a new habit that will change your life for the better.  

Mornings with God: A Beginner's Prayer Journal is available on Amazon.com.



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