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Anne DeSantis introduces a daily Latin Mass prayer resource and a free online companion to a program for deaf and hearing-impaired Catholics.


The new Benedictus publication is a Traditional Catholic companion. Perfect for individuals and families who attend the Latin Mass, the publication offers Mass reading in Latin and English, hymns, daily prayer, meditations, and additional sections for enrichment. Daily prayer resources following the missal and breviary of 1962, a simple and understandable format for new learners, and sections to enhance learning more deeply about the faith are included in each month’s publication.

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Classic essays on feasts and saints, beautiful prayers, devotions, and ideas to foster Catholic culture within the home setting are all part of the companion each month. This publication is a must for those who love the Latin Mass as it can be used both during Mass and during prayer time. Benedictus is also a perfect gift for a family member, friend, or for a priest or religious. It is a project of Sophia Institute Press. Subscribe today by visiting PrayBenedictus.com. 

Hands of Grace Glossary

Fr. Sean Loomis, priest of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia has teamed up with Ascension Press to create the new Hands of Grace Glossary. This is a free resource contained on the Ascension Press website. An estimated 5.4 million deaf or hard-of-hearing Catholics live in the U.S. and lack catechetical resources to deepen their faith. This is one big reason why this glossary has been created: to improve outreach to the deaf and hearing-impaired populations.

Hands of Grace glossary

Often, people within these populations do not feel a connection to their faith, and studies have shown they wind up leaving the Church. Thus the reason for creating this glossary is to make outreach to the deaf and hearing-impaired to help them to find the answers they are looking for related to the faith journey.

Fr. Sean Loomis is a convert to the Catholic faith, and he serves as the chaplain to the deaf apostolate in Philadelphia. Healing of Grace also features a workbook which Fr. Loomis authored, specifically designed with a visual emphasis to provide a dynamic learning experience for the deaf and hard-of-hearing community. The glossary and accompanying 21 videos which are part of the program are a wonderful way to minister to the deaf and hearing impaired. Visit Ascension Press to learn more about the glossary and other free resources. Highly recommended!

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