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Danielle Bean shares about the re-launch of Small Success, a fun way to celebrate all the little things we get right each week.

It was over 10 years ago that I first began a little project I called Small Success. I was serving as editor of Faith & Family magazine at the time (who remembers Faith & Family? Raise your hand!) and our website was Faith & Family Live, a beautiful, supportive community quite similar to what we have here at CatholicMom.com. Lisa Hendey and I were contributors there, along with some other great writers and friends.

Back then, I realized that it was easy to become frustrated in our daily work as wives and mothers, and so it was important to focus on positive things we were accomplishing, however small. So I came up with the idea to have a weekly post where we would invite everyone to share three small things they got right each week -- Small Success.

The idea was quite popular with our readers, and I loved reading about all the great things going on in other women's homes and families. Together, we celebrated caught-up laundry, finally making dental appointments, and taking time for bedtime prayers. We cheered each other on as we scrubbed out the kitchen sink, kept our cool with toddler tantrums, and made a meal plan for the week -- you know the small stuff, but the important stuff, that makes up daily living.

When Faith & Family closed years later, I thought that would be the end of Small Success, but I was thrilled when Sherry Antonetti resurrected the idea right here at CatholicMom. When Sherry moved on to other projects, though, the weekly postings stopped here too. 

But have no fear! Instagram is here! I am excited to announce that, beginning this week, we will be hosting Small Success on our CatholicMom Instagram account. Every Thursday, you can join us on Instagram to share your Small Successes in the comments or post on your own account using the hashtag #smallsuccess or #CMsmallsuccess 

I look forward to hearing all about the little things you got right this week!

Join us for Small Success, a fun way to celebrate all the little things we get right each week! #catholicmom

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