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Lectio Divina out loud: Erika Dix lists the top five reasons our kids reject our teachings.

Hear, my son, your father’s instruction, and reject not your mother’s teaching; A graceful diadem will they be for your head; a pendant for your neck. (Proverbs 1:8-9)


Our children are a beautiful gift from God. And we, as mothers, have beautiful gifts of knowledge and experience to give to them. So why is it sometimes so difficult to give the gifts to them?   

Top five reasons our children may reject the gift of our teachings: 


1. They know everything already. 

2. They want to do what their friends are doing. 

3. They are trying to see how far their eyes will roll back in their heads. 

4. They are scared, hurt or sad and do not want us to know it.  

5. They actually do need our teachings, but do not want to admit it. 


In light of these reasons, how many times do we keep trying to give them the gifts? In this humble mom’s opinion (who actually feels like she does not know anything either and needs the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, but does not want her kids to know that), we just keep trying.

Some days I get yelled at. Some days I get the eye roll. Some days I get the “Yes, Mom” which actually means “I’ll agree so you stop talking.” And some days I will get the slow nod of understanding. On those days, I see the beautiful dawning of appreciation for the gift I am giving them.  




In the Proverbs verse, the wisdom is simple. Listen to your parents, and you will receive grace filled gifts of a crown and necklace. I feel the verse is being specific in the placement of these gifts: one for your head (mind) and one for your neck (voice). If something that is filled with grace is placed near your mind and voice, would you then be thinking and speaking from God’s will? That is in my hopeful mother’s heart every day.   

I also do feel pressure as a mother, however, in two ways. One, to not push my teachings on my children constantly. I do wish that I could pack them up in the bubble wrap of my teachings so they do not have to go through all the sufferings that I experienced growing up. Even so, then they would not gain their own gifts of experience to pass along to others.

Two, before I teach my children something, I try to ask myself a question. Is it what God wills, or am I just trying to show them what I know? I feel that in order for them to receive that grace-filled gift, my teaching should be coming from God. Do I do that every time? I do not, but I do not want my kids to know that.  




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In order for my children to receive that grace-filled gift, my teaching should be coming from God. #CatholicMom


Heavenly Father, thank you for these beautiful gifts of my children. I pray that whatever teachings I may pass on to them, that they be in Your timing and filled with Your grace, following Your will.  



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