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Samantha Stephenson describes 13 ways to give Catholic gifts your family and friends can enjoy all year long.

I have tried all the subscriptions boxes. From meal kits, to curated makeup and style collections, I love the feeling of being surprised every month by something that makes its way directly to my door – which is why I have been so tickled this season diving into the world of Catholic subscriptions! I hope you and your family will enjoy these amazing Catholic companies as much as I have (and feel free to circulate this list around to grandparents and godparents as your family’s official “wish list” this Christmas!

Magazine for kids

OSV Kids: This is the perfect periodical for Catholic kids! It reminds me of the Highlights magazine I used to get as a kid. The beautiful, kid-friendly artwork draws them in (“This is my magazine, Mommy, my 4-year-old reminds me), and the activities are a fun way to explore the faith each month. Kids can explore on their own, but it is especially fun to do together. At $19.95 for the whole year, this is a no-brainer subscription!

Saint-focused faith formation for the whole family

Saint of the Month. My kids have adored unwrapping and exploring the surprise each week as we learn more about another saint. This really is a family gift, as each box contains ways for both kids and parents to grow in knowledge and relationship with the saints. I have really enjoyed the tactile ways we get to explore each saint in-depth each month, and the box unfolds with new gifts and challenges week-by-week, making Sundays an extra treat! Boxes are $35.99/month and you can subscribe OR purchase past months, which is especially fun if you have a devotion you want to share with your kids or explore in a deeper way.

Mass-focused crafts for kids 

Mass Box. School-aged kids will have so much fun reflecting on the readings each week through these hands-on crafts and activities. I have loved unpacking the symbolism of the Gospels and not needing to prep a single thing! The step-by-step instructions are clear and everything comes premeasured with a bag for each week. You can subscribe to the full kit with weekly crafts for $24.95/month, or focus on just one craft a month for $14.45. While some of the activities have enough materials to split, I’d recommend one box per kid. Thankfully, there are subscription options with discounts to add additional kids as your family grows!

Creative family faith formation

Faith + Family Collective. As part of a family of converts, I so appreciate help in forming family traditions that make our faith salient and immerse us in the joy of following Jesus and being Catholic. Enter “The Gathering Box” by Faith + Family Collective. Each of them contains gorgeous materials to create a beautiful and unique tradition your family will use again and again. It is a collection of memories in a box! Each box is $35 and can be purchased separately, or you can opt for their quarterly subscription at 20% off, $130 for all 4. And be sure to sign up for their email list for some fantastically fun Advent printable activities! 


Catechesis for the kids 

Catholic Family Crate. If you are looking for beautiful catechetical materials that do the heavy lifting for you, explore the subscription at Catholic Family Crate. Each box is a truly lovely immersive experience, including artwork and music, feast day activities, dinner table prompts – all with instructions simple enough for the older kids in the family to take the reigns and “own” leading these experiences for your family. Right now you can get 6 months for the price of 5, and you get 12 FREE printable coloring pages when you sign up for their newsletter. I also love that 10% of all their proceeds go towards feeding homeless pregnant women. What better way to remember Mary this Christmas?


Celebrating the liturgical year

Feast Day. If you love the idea of celebrating the feast days with special foods, but find yourself overwhelmed by the process of researching and selecting recipes, let Feast Day do the work for you. For $60/month, you can experience a “pilgrimage in a grocery bag” with ingredients and tasty treats for celebrating three of the month’s feasts.


Catholic apparel for all ages

SockReligious. My husband especially gets a kick out of sprucing up his attire with these Catholic-themed socks, and now they have two monthly subscription options! For $10/month, you can choose their All Saints Club or Novena Sock Club and receive a delightful pair of saint-themed socks each month. The Novena Sock Club is especially great for gifting since it also includes a novena prayer each month and expires automatically after the 9-month term. You can select adult or kid sizes when you sign up!

Catholic T-Shirt Club. Round out your wardrobe with a new Catholic t-shirt each month. Again, this is a husband favorite! They have a t-shirt only option at $21/month, or you can upgrade and receive bonus surprise sacramentals for $29/month. The best deal of the bunch? The Little Saints Box for kids is just $19/month!

Artwork and gifts for women

Little Catholic Box. Curated boxes to spoil the Catholic women in your life! These boxes are filled with lovely, handpicked treasures from Catholic artisans and religious orders, designed to enrich the faith and senses of Catholic women, billed at $75 each quarter. You can also purchase single boxes with delightful themes, like the Collegiate Box for your favorite student or the Visitation Box for that mama-to-be. Peek at past boxes here.

Pillar & Pearl. If you’d like to peruse a large selection of carefully curated, high-end gift boxes filled with gorgeous artwork, jewelry, and handmade goods at a variety of price points, definitely pay Pillar & Pearl a visit! You can find gift boxes for kids, babies, men and women, or even sort by your favorite saint or to create a home altar using your most beloved devotion. And you can even build your own box! It’s worth grabbing a glass of wine to just sit and explore all the delightful collections. (This one is more of a select and pay-as-you-go option than a regular subscription.) 


Mass-focused magazine for kids

MagnifiKid. You’re probably familiar with the Magnificat daily prayer subscription, but did you know they have a version just for kids? Each month includes a guide to the Sunday Mass readings and to follow along with the responses at Mass. It is perfect for kids who are comfortable reading on their own and will definitely be in our Mass bag when our kids get to be that age! You can gift a one-year subscription for $34.90.

Streaming app for the whole family

Formed. As we find ourselves increasingly needing to preview even the “children’s” content on streaming apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime these days, we were so excited to find Formed! This is a great gift for your whole family: you can access all kinds of amazing Catholic movies, inspiring talks to deepen your faith, and even adorable and faith-filled cartoon series for the kids. They also offer parish subscription plans, so check with your pastor and see if you might already have access that you’re not enjoying yet!

Literary journal for women and teen girls

Ever Eden. This one is perfect for moms or older teen girls who love to read or are aspiring writers themselves! Ever Eden is a literary journal of short stories, creative nonfiction, and poetry by female Catholic writers. Issues are $15/quarter, and I might suggest wrapping up a couple of past issues to put under the tree!

13 ways to give Catholic gifts your family and friends can enjoy all year long. #catholicmom

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