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The Vulnerable People Project continues its work in Afghanistan to help tens of thousands affected by the ongoing crisis in that nation.

The Vulnerable People Project, a program of the Human Rights Education and Relief Organization (H.E.R.O.), delivered 1.2 million meals after an urgent appeal to the world last Christmas to provide critical resources to help save Afghan children, women, and former allies from imminent death during the harsh winter months. Because of the incredible response, The Vulnerable People Project was able to save tens of thousands of men, women, and children from starvation and has launched a new campaign, SPRING TO LIFE AFGHANISTAN for the continuance of these efforts.

In addition to providing urgent meals and heating fuel, VPP has also provided education, built a medical center for women and has drilled wells and built water systems in the most impoverished areas of Afghanistan as part of its efforts to reduce human suffering caused by the Biden administration's catastrophic withdrawal from the country.

“This is a watershed moment, but there is still a crisis and the people we have served, American allies, widows, orphans, and ethnic religious minorities need our continued support in these critical and final winter months,” said Jason Jones, founder of the Vulnerable People Project. “We are overwhelmed with gratitude to those who contributed and directly saved tens of thousands of lives amid Afghanistan’s harsh winter in this ongoing dire situation. We could not have done this without you! But we continue to stand to serve thousands of families who urgently need resources and we are now launching the SPRING TO LIFE AFGHANISTAN CAMPAIGN that will help VPP continue to provide aid. With so many other global crises that make mainstream headlines, we want to remind the world of the humanitarian need in Afghanistan—this crisis is not nearly over. Thanks to you and our media partners who helped us to spotlight this humanitarian crisis, lives were saved and VPP has been able to mobilize on the ground to aid starving families in seven major cities: Kabul, Herat, Mazarshrif, Farah, Kunduz, Khoast and Jalalabad. We provided rice, beans, chickpeas, spaghetti, sugar, salt and coal and firewood. Other packages included much-needed diapers, sanitary products, and medicine.”



When the U.S. Military pulled forces out of the region in 2021, The Vulnerable People Project was there to provide urgent humanitarian aid to the people in need. Since last August, VPP has evacuated more than 1,000 Afghan refugees to a safer, temporary new country. VPP has reunited babies with parents, delivered food and fuel to more than 30,000 families last winter, and established security at 4 Hazara girls' schools and one university for an entire year. VPP also rebuilt the first women’s hospital in the county and established a water system for an entire town in a remote part of the country.

Jason Jones, U.S. Army Veteran, filmmaker and humanitarian, has been urging Americans to help provide critical financial resources in order to help provide wood, coal and propane to save the lives of innocent Christians overseas during the harshest winter months. Donations are critical to avoid further loss of life. To donate now, visit www.TheGreatCampaign.org.

The Vulnerable People Project remains steadfast in its mission to serve and save the vulnerable in this region,” said Jason Jones. “As an American citizen, I have an obligation to respond to this humanitarian crisis. As a veteran, it’s very important that we protect those who are left behind who served with our men and women in uniform—we can leave no one behind. During this penitential season leading to Easter, consider all that you have and then consider a small sacrifice that will go a long way to a brother and sister in need and help Afghan children, women and our former allies spring to new life.”




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