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On a recent Instagram Live interview, Deanna Bartalini chatted with Lisa Hess about planners.

Lisa Hess recently shared A Penchant for Planners, and discusses the various planners she has used – and the one that really works for her. We both don't want to waste our planners when we have too many blank pages, so we're motivated to use fewer resources to get the job done.

Can we find a planner that helps us stay organized and eliminate those scrap-paper notes?

Check out our interview to find out the one thing people can do this holiday season to help themselves not feel frenetic!


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What's the one thing people can do to help themselves not feel frenetic this holiday season? Interview with @orgbystyle #catholicmom

Resources shared in this video:

Know Thyself: An Imperfectionist's Guide to Sorting Your Stuff by Lisa Lawmaster Hess

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