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When a busy season of life encroaches on her morning prayer time, Jen Scheuermann discovers a new way to pray.

My eyes fly open in response to the buzz of my phone.

Shoot! I hadn’t meant to fall back to sleep … and my exhaustion now competes with frustration as I turn off my alarm and climb out of bed. Although I wake early each day to sit with Jesus in prayer, right now my heart longs for a slower pace, a quieter season that lends itself to finishing a cup of coffee while I journal and read His Word.

But this is not that season. And today is certainly not that day.

My calendar is full. My To-Do List is overflowing. And my head is filled with concern about one thing or another. I need time with Jesus, perhaps now more than ever. But it doesn’t appear I’ll have that time today.




Aware the craziness of life will soon overtake me, I pick up my prayer journal. I am determined to claim any time possible with the Lord. There’s no time to reflect on the situations about which I’ll write. No time to journal about my feelings. No time, even, for full sentences. Instead, I write the only thing I can: a list. Line by line I make note of my current worries. I briefly make note of each situation, good and bad, that runs through my brain. And with each line item, I visualize myself placing it, and all of my emotions, into His hands.


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Maybe handing Jesus each item on my list is exactly what I need. #catholicmom

I hand Him praise and gratitude, as I list things that unexpectedly worked out the day before.
I hand Him an invitation, as I request His presence in situations that worry me.
I hand Him my desires and plans, as I ask Him to help me pick up His instead.

On one hand, this is not how I want to spend my time with Jesus.

But on the other, maybe handing Him each item on my list is exactly what I need.



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