Today's Gospel: Mark 7:24-30 Today Jesus heals a child, sending away a demon that was tormenting her, without even seeing the little girl. He performed this miracle because of her mother's faith and humility. First, this woman showed a great humility recognizing that she wasn't from the first chosen ones, the Jews, but still she insisted in asking for the miracle. She humbles herself and doesn't ask for equal treatment. She acknowledges that God is God and has the right to privilege some, because He has a plan for everyone, and that those who are privileged have a special mission to accomplish. She has such a great faith that she knows that even a small “crumb” from Jesus is enough to make a miracle happen. Because of that faith, Jesus answers her prayer. We can learn from her to be humble and not to be afraid of insisting with Jesus. Even if we don't get it immediately, we may ask again, with the confidence that if what we are asking is for the salvation of our souls, we will get it eventually. We also need to learn not to feel sorry for ourselves if we don't have what others have. Once Saint Terese of Lisieux, the Little Flower, meditating about this, had a special dream. She saw God walking in a wonderful garden, with different types of flowers, with their unique colors, smells and sizes. She realized that all the flowers make God very happy, even if it´s just a type of grass or a beautiful rose or lily. If we were all the same, the garden of God wouldn't be so beautiful. So it doesn't matter what type of flower you are, we are all called to be the best we can, so we can please our Creator and one day enjoy all happiness beside Him in Heaven.


Do I acknowledge that I am a precious child of God and that He loves me no matter what?


Dear Lord, help me increase my faith in your Providence, knowing that everything you do or permit is for the salvation of my soul and my eternal happiness. I want to be a child who trusts in the love and in the power of the Father, having the humility to recognize that you know what the best for my life is.
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