Today's Gospel: Mark 7:31-37 I must admit that this reading makes me laugh. After Jesus healed the deaf-mute man “He ordered them not to tell anyone but the more he told them not to the more they proclaimed it.”(Mark 7:36) How like us stubborn humans! The King of the Universe says not to do something, but we do it anyway. In this case it seems counter-intuitive for Jesus to tell the witnesses not to tell anyone. It can be noted that this healing takes place in Gentile territory, so perhaps He didn’t want His actions misinterpreted. It could be that He didn’t want to seem like a magician, healing people for fame and fortune (yes there were magicians in Jesus’ time too!) Maybe it was just that His followers couldn’t keep this good news to themselves. Anyway, He certainly had His reasons which we are not privy to. To me the lesson is to note how many times I know what the Lord says about something but I do something else. Is it human nature? A mystery of faith? Both? What I do know is that it takes divine intervention, in the form of the grace of the Holy Spirit, for me to cooperate and do God’s will. What I also know, and which is clearly demonstrated by Jesus’s miraculous and generous healing of the deaf-mute man, is that the Holy Trinity wants to heal me of whatever ails me if I only let them. We are all called to trust God and to turn our will over to Him. When we do that miracles can occur. It doesn’t matter if it seems illogical or funny, God knows what He’s doing. My job is to let Him.


What areas of my life do I need to “turn over” to the will of God?


Dear Lord, thank You for being the Divine Healer. Please help me to turn my will over to You, and please heal anything that keeps me from doing so. Amen.
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