Today's Gospel: Luke 11:29-32 This is a wicked generation? I believe this verse could apply quite well to where we are today. We are searching for direction in every place but from God. We want a sign. And where do we go for a sign? Social media, major news networks, and reality television. We don’t find many signs...just a lot of drama and chaos. We post a plea for clarity on Facebook, and what do we gain from the post but much advice, and rarely a drop of wisdom? In today’s Gospel reading, we see crowds looking for a sign. Jesus points to the past and notes that Jonah was already a sign in the past (Old Testament). Jesus is fulfilling the prophecies set forth in the Old Testament and “something greater than Jonah is here”. If Jesus was anyone else, we would think He is quite crazy, but hH is Jesus! When you look at the Gospels, you will notice that there are many times that Jesus is speaking to the crowds and telling parables. As Jesus is speaking, it seems that He is often focused on the Kingdom and the crowd just cares about the here and now. If they could get healed and go on their way, they would be content. How often do we want just a little bit of Jesus and then move onto the next thing? The dilemma that we encounter from quick answers is that they involve very little spiritual transformation. Quick answers give us a temporary peace but do not create substantial change in our hearts and souls. Think of a CrockPot meal on a cool autumn evening. There is nothing better than when your meal has been slowly cooking for hours. We pray for a sign or some guidance, but a microwave version of Jesus is much easier to handle than CrockPot Jesus. A faith that is resting in Jesus will endure the trials of today and the questions of tomorrow.


Where are you seeking answers today? Are you looking for advice or wisdom from others? Know the difference!


Jesus, help me look for You in my situations. Guide me when I want a quick answer that is only a blanket solution to my heart and soul’s deeper issues. Help me be more like You and less like me!
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