Today's Gospel: Matthew 4:12-23 - 3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time In today's Gospel we see Jesus calling His disciples to fish for men. This sounds very intimidating and anyone who was observing Jesus knew this was a heavy task. We too must remind ourselves that following Jesus is no easy task. We are all called to fish for others. Here is where things get really messy: we are humans and sometimes our desires for others gets in the way. To truly fish for others, we must be in the Word. We must spend time with God before we can try to lead others to God. Reading our Bibles daily and using a devotional guide will give us both knowledge and tools for daily living . All of us our actions will be fruitless if they are not grounded in love. We must love because He first loved us.


Based on today’s reading, how are you reaching out to others? What is stopping you from bringing the Gospel to others?


Dear God, we ask You to give us Your eyes to see others as You see them. Help make us fishers of men that are agents of healing to others. In Your precious name, amen!
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