Today's Gospel: John 6:52-59 A year ago, when my then twelve-year-old son, Zack, asked me, right before Communion, if he could drink the consecrated wine, I was caught like a deer in head lights. There's a strong line of alcoholism that runs through my husband's family tree, and mine. That heredity thing scares me. I was hoping I could postpone any alcohol passing my kids' lips for a very, very long time. But here I was with just a split-second to make my decision. Of course, with that baggage, I wanted to say no. But my Zack is that kid who's more intrigued when he's told he can't have or do something. I knew my saying no, or making a big deal out of it, would have him obsessing. So I said yes, and put the rest in God's hands. Zack has been drinking the blood of Christ ever since. Recently, it came up in conversation. I was shocked (and secretly thrilled) when Zack said he thought the wine tasted "disgusting." I asked him why he continues to drink it if he's already receiving the host. He looked at me with a confused look on his face and said, "Mommy, it's the blood of Christ. Who cares what it tastes like. It's more important to get as much of God as I can. Why wouldn't I want both His flesh and His blood?" My kids humble me all the time. But I have to admit, this time topped all the rest. Studying theology and reading the Bible are wonderful ways to increase our faith. But in order for God to truly remain in us, and us in Him, we need to ingest our faith as concretely as we do the consecrated host and wine at Mass.


Do I ingest my faith as concretely as I do Christ's flesh and blood at Communion?


Eternal God, remind me to take advantage of every opportunity to ingest You so I may remain in You, and You in me.
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