Today's Gospel: Luke 9:7-9 "But Herod said, 'John I beheaded. Who then is this about whom I hear such things?' And he kept trying to see him" (Luke 9:9). My husband was showing my kids some Bugs Bunny episodes on Youtube recently. When he showed them the one about the man who finds a singing frog, I was transported back to childhood, but not in a good way. The extreme frustration I'd felt then came back in full force as I watched the man try to show others how the frog could sing. Anytime anyone but the man was around, the frog would just "ribbit." Yet the second they left, the frog would stand up and belt out a show tune. Over and over again this happened; Over and over again, my frustration grew right along with the man's. In Luke 9, Herod has heard some amazing things about Jesus. He's so intrigued, he keeps trying to see Him. In Luke 23:8-11, they finally come fact to face. When Jesus won't perform signs and miracles for Herod, Herod is so frustrated, he leads his soldiers in mocking Jesus and treating Him "contemptuously" before sending him back to Pilate. Jesus wasn't sent to earth to jump through the hoops of our curiosity, or to perform the signs and miracles we think He should. When that's our expectation, we're left deeply frustrated, like the man with the singing frog. Jesus came to earth to teach us about His Father's love, and to single-handedly atone for our sins. Once we realize the deep sacrifice He's already made for us all, how could we possibly ask Him for more?


When I pray, am I asking God to perform the miracles I deem necessary? Or am I praising Him for all He's already done for me?


Dear God, help me to put aside my agenda for You, and instead, recognize and embrace Your will for me.
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