Today's Gospel: Matthew 10:34—11:1 - Memorial of St. Bonaventure
Whoever receives you receives me, and whoever receives me receives the one who sent me. Matt. 10:40
Last year, at a parent-teacher conference for one of my boys, a teacher was slamming my son. The more she complained about his messy work and work space, the more I realized she just did not understand or accept how adolescent boys are. On the one hand, I could appreciate where she was coming from. I share her same Type A personality. I like things neat, organized and on time. I too get frustrated with my son's sloppiness and Type B tendencies. But as she continued to complain about him, I refused to let on that I shared her frustrations. He's my son, after all. I have to have his back. Accordingly, I went the other way and defended him, telling her all about the wonderful things he does that she clearly didn't recognize. Her prejudice had her deaf to anything I said. Her lack of acceptance of my son was extending to me. When I finally realized she was the lost cause, not him, I ended the conference. No school is perfect, and not all teachers love every student. Nonetheless, I was still crushed. So many of his previous teachers loved him. In fact, I still send Christmas cards to one of them. When they welcomed and received my son, they received my heart. The same holds true for God and Jesus. Not everyone welcomed Jesus and His teachings. But the ones who did receive Him received God's heart too.


How am I affected when people receive or reject my child(ren)? How do you suppose God is affected when people receive or reject His Son?


Father of All, fill me with the grace I need to accept when people reject my child(ren).
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