Today's Gospel: John 15:12-17 "It was not you who chose ​M​e, but I who chose you and appointed you to go and bear fruit that will remain..." John 15:16 I was shocked to find out I wasn't one of those women who could get pregnant on demand. Instead, it took years of tears, prayers, and miscarriages to build our family of three ​beautiful ​children. That struggle helped me ​to s​ee things differently. I used to think life was mine to control. I thought I got to choose my ​destiny and could manipulate things along the way. Now I know God is in charge​;​ and this motherhood path I'm on is His gift to me. He singled me out and appointed me to be a mother​. T​hen ​H​e perfectly paired me with my ​children. When I stop and think about how exacting and purposeful He was about this choice, it humbles me beyond belief. It's one thing to have family and friends​ ​think you'll be a good mother; it is an entirely different thing to have God feel that way too. Take a moment and reflect on that: God entrusted ​these ​innocent and perfect little beings to us to shape and mold the best way we see fit. It's overwhelming to think about.​ W​e need to focus​, instead,​ on why He chose us. He chose us because He knew we could raise these children to bear fruit that will remain. When we teach ou​r kids to be kind to others, their actions ripple out and keep on going. When we teach our kids to be kind to the earth, our planet lasts that much longer. When we teach our kids to love God, they'll teach their kids to love Him, and so on, and so on. We ​were chosen​;​ and our responsibility is clear: ​we have t​o make the world a better place​, a more Godly place through our ​children. If we do our job right, the fruits of our labor will create a new Garden of Eden for all.


Do I realize it was God who chose ​​motherhood for me, not the other way around? Have I recognized the great honor He has bestowed upon me?


Dear God, thank You for choosing me for the gift of motherhood. May I use my calling to bear fruit for You that will remain.
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