Today's Gospel: Mark 11:11-26 - Memorial of St. Justin, Martyr There have been times when this scripture passage has been very hard to listen to. I have faith. I do trust and yet, sometimes, my prayers appear to go unanswered, even when they are for good (even holy) things. I am reminded of the Peanuts character, Lucy. I am standing and shouting, “Move, you stupid mountain!” Frustrated at the lack of obvious answer, I feel as if the Lord has forgotten me. Yet, the more important part of today’s Gospel is a reminder of our obligation to forgive those who have injured us, “so that your heavenly Father may…forgive you…” Could I be standing in the way of the grace God wants to give me? A friend of mine often says that we desire grace, but God has a waterfall of grace He wants to pour on us and we show up with a tiny cup as if that’s all we need. Today, I will resolve to confess my sins, ask forgiveness and to forgive all those I need to and expect a waterfall of grace! This may clear the road for the answers I so desperately seek in my prayers.


Who do I need to forgive, or ask forgiveness from, to open the avenues of grace?


Lord, sometimes You make me wait to see the answer to prayer so that I will seek fully to do Your will; help me to seek Your will first.
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