Today's Gospel: Luke 18:9-14 I don’t like to think of myself as the Pharisee, bragging about himself and extoling his own virtues, but each time I sit at Mass judging another - I am he. Sometimes, my judgment even extends to the clergy, as I complain in my head about the boring homily, or why the priest needs the air conditioning so high, or even the monotone voice of the deacon. It is so easy to get distracted by one person’s chatting, or another one’s clothes. The reality is that in my mind, I believe that my behavior, clothing or manner of prayer is more appropriate…yup, I’m the Pharisee. Today’s Gospel is a good reminder to keep ourselves in check. We benefit from giving others the benefit of the doubt. Maybe they dressed poorly because, they are, in fact, poor…or rushed…or who cares?! It’s really not my business. I should examine my own heart, soul and behavior and not focus on judging others.


In what ways do I become like the Pharisee and how can I work to improve on that?


Lord, I fall into sinful pride so easily; please help me not to judge others. Remind me that You are meek and humble of heart, and I should be too.
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