Today's Gospel: Mark 12:13-17 - Memorial of St. Boniface The Pharisees address Jesus with false praise hoping that flattery will get them everywhere! The Pharisees hoped to trip Jesus up after first praising Him for His truthfulness and for His refusal to cave in to men’s approval of Him or to the desire to be popular. They spoke the truth about Jesus but had a hidden agenda. That's what did them in! Faithful Catholics are also going to be confronted with gotcha questions from people bearing hidden agendas that hate the Truth. These people may even offer false praise hoping to get us off track. Hidden agendas are hard to spot as we are asked about the existence of God, moral truth, rightful authority, abortion, gender equality, authentic love and marriage. So, we have to be on guard lest we — like the Pharisees - side with the desire for ambition, riches, power, authority, position, and personal favorability ratings over Truth. Read CCC 2480 to discover what's wrong with flattery! Jesus unambiguously asks us to give to God the things that are His and to man the things that are man’s. Take a few minutes to consider that request in light of your own personal life. Make a 100 point Gratitude to God List today.


What is God asking you to give to Him vs. your friend, neighbor, family, etc? What is God's? What belongs to man?


Dear Lord, we praise you for life, liberty, free wills, and our eternal soul. Amen.
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