Today's Gospel: John 6:41-51 - 19th Sunday in Ordinary Time John’s Eucharistic discourse is difficult to readily understand and explain because the subject revolves around matters pertaining to the supernatural - beings, promises, and eternal life. The truths contained within the Gospel of John cannot be proven in human terms; they are not self-evident because we have not yet seen God face to face. For the unbeliever, the discourse of John contains unbelievably, outrageous promises; whereas for believers, it contains the truth about the Body and Blood of Jesus - the source and summit of the Christian life. [CCC 1324] While these theological truths are not easy to re-explain to friends and family, let’s make sure we neither minimize or exaggerate any of Jesus’ promises and proclamations. Jesus is the bread of life who has come down from the Father; this means He has seen God the Father who draws us to His Son and eternal life. The Church teaches us to become well acquainted with the promises and mysteries of the Holy Eucharist. Read CCC 1322-1422 on the Eucharist. When you approach Jesus in this Sacrament, it's ok to ask Him to call you by name so that you can know and feel His love for you personally.


What promises were made in this passage? Do you accept each one?


Dear Lord, I praise You for giving us Your body and blood. Help me to give true witness to Your Eucharist. Help me to approach the altar of Your sacrifice with reverence and awe. Amen.
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