Today's Gospel: Matthew 5:38-42 We have all heard the phrase, “That’s not fair!” We’ve heard it hundreds of times. From others. From our children. We may even have said it ourselves. I know I have! In His Sermon on the Mount, Jesus goes right to the core of “Life isn’t fair”. Everything that we determine to be reasonable and just is turned on its head. After reading today’s Gospel, you may want to ask Jesus, “Lord, you want me to do what? Turn the other cheek? Go two miles when someone has asked me to go a really long one already? Give someone more than what they’ve demanded from me? To the authorities no less?!” Daily, I have to remind myself that God’s ways are different from what society teaches and believes to be true. In the case of God’s love and mercy, I’m glad that isn’t “fair”. Thankfully, God doesn’t give me, a sinner, what I deserve. God loves and forgives me far more than man ever could. Not only that, but God loves me so much that He doesn’t want me to remain as I am. He wants me to strive to be like His beloved Son, Jesus, and to live differently than the the rest of the world.


Do I view the world with my own narrow vision, or do I try to see it from the perspective of Jesus?


Lord, thank You for Your unending mercy and love. Help me to reflect You to others this day.
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